Day 20… 2/3 complete!

Well, it’s day 20 and the month has gone slowly.  But, after turning the tired corner earlier in the 30-for-30, I dare to say that I already feel 30 percent better.  My day feels incomplete if it’s not filled with at least a small workout.  My eating, while some days takes a major detour, has improved.

I’ve been in Baltimore the past few days, celebrating my mom’s birthday and doing some work up North.  It’s nice to be back in my routine and in the swing of things.  While at brunch, my aunt, (both of whom are avid readers) gave me a beautiful teacup, while noting my enjoyment for beautiful “things” and also my grandmother’s handwritten recipe for chocolate Easter Eggs, which I’ll make this weekend for the family celebration.  She also mentioned that she was ready to read more about “pretty things” and fashion! Ten more days of workout centric entries…

Today is a long run.  It’s beautiful in Washington today, and supposed to reach a high of 80 degrees.  With the rain coming in tomorrow and reportedly lasting throughout the week, it’ll be nice to get outside this evening for a good run.

Until tomorrow…

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