Spring Trends per Neiman Marcus

The other day, I joined invited taste makers in DC, for an exclusive look at the upcoming spring trends.  Rapool Patel, the Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus, formerly with Bergdorf Goodman, was fresh from the runways of New York, Paris and Milan, and stopped by the Chevy Chase store to showcase the upcoming spring trends in a fun fashion forum!

Sitting with a fabulous and fun group of women, we watched the models saunter out in beautiful clothes, shoes and jewelry with the new “it” bags of the season draped over their arms.  While I was fortunate in seeing the show, you, my friends, are the benefactors of the information of what’s in this spring, and what pieces to buy now, that will carry you into the Fall!

Here’s what I heard:


Nautical stripes (and not always in the ubiquitous blue and white) are everywhere! First launched on the Prada runway, they are present on shirts, dresses and bags.

J Crew


Anyone can wear white, as everyone can find a hue that works well with their skin tone… white pants with a white shirt is easy enough, right? The all-white look is a hot look for spring 2011.

Wedges & flats:

Something for everyone.  Wedges give you the lift with a sturdy heel and flats are comfortable, yet cute, when walking is a must. Both shoe styles will work for fall looks as well.  I’m thrilled that flats are cruising through the seasons, as they look great with jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts.  Available in all colors, textures and patterns and are acceptable for day and evening wares.

J. Crew

Color Blocking:

When I first heard the term, I assumed it to mean within the same outfit piece, and technically, that’s true.  The definition of color blocking is: Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create clothing with a few different sbright blue shorts with kelly green wedges.  Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors that “don’t match” or traditionally haven’t been worn together.  This is the year to experiment with wild (but not highlighter neon 80’s like) colors.  olid colors. However, as far as the trend is concerned, that is not the case. Color blocking can be a pink shirt with a coral colored bag or

J. Crew


Zara dress

As seen at Gucci


Gold, silver and decorated cuffs were big in spring and will be worn into and through the fall.


Kenneth Jay Lane


Kenneth Jay Lane


You can wear this animal skin, and faux skin rendition, now on sandals and later in the Fall on a bag or a belt.  Point is, buy it now and wear it later as well.


Miu Miu Python slingbacks

DKNY Carryall


Dresses, tops and skirts, the look is everywhere for spring.  A dress with wedges or a floral skirt with flat skimmers, the look is clean and feminine.



Urban Outfitters

Cross body bags:

After looking at a few options, I’ve decided that I want to search for a vintage cross body bag… how fun to peruse a vintage store or scope out stands at Eastern Market (here in Washington, DC) for an authentic piece!



*Photo from Runway Daily

A few other mentions:

  1. Blazers worn with the sleeves bunched up around the elbows.
  2. Flat sandals, great looking and perfect if you live in the city, for walking.
  3. Feathers will make an appearance now and wear through the Fall.  I just found a fabulous pair of feather earrings that I am excited to wear!
  4. Shoes are accessories.  Pearls, feather, and intricate detailing are seen on shoes this spring.
  5. ORANGE! Honeysuckle, coral, apricot. It’s everywhere.  In all shades, hues and on each and every piece of clothing, from dresses to shoes to jewelry.  Buy it now and wear it often!

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