ICYMI: May 29, 2013


This ICYMI falls on the heels of the long Memorial Day weekend, which has me thinking about summer.  I forget, often, that last year, we were all over the world —  Omaha, London and celebrating Michael’s history making, Olympic success — what a year it’s been.

The summer months evoke images of beach, bathing suits and sun, but every year sneak up so quickly, feeling as if we’ve skipped right over spring, and gone from winter to summer overnight.  Here in the mid-Atlantic that oven means that temperatures dip back into winter for a few days and then jump to 90 degree temperatures, most indicative of Summer.  Ey-yi-yi!

Today’s ICYMI are focused on summer, food and fitness…

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Day 5: Do It For You

For you

So, it’s the end of the first work week.  How does everyone feel?

Yesterday was a run, which was based on time, not distance.  I felt good, strong and I’m really enjoying the process.  I have to say, when I don’t want to go there’s a part of me that’s reminding myself how great I’ll feel after and the other part knows that I have to be accountable to everyone else who is joining me for these 30 days of fitness.  It’s great to be held accountable, so THANK YOU for helping me to stay on track!

Today is a yoga class.  I’ve really come to enjoy my yoga practice, more so than ever.  I’ve started assisting in class at a local studio and it’s also deepened my love for the activity.  The 75-minute heated Vinyasa class is great for this cloudy Friday! Of late, my intention for the class is to stay present, keep my mind on the mat and enjoy the process, which has carried on outside of class and helped me to stay more “in the moment.”

I received an email from a reader, asking if they can participate without going to the gym.  OF COURSE! A few options include: Walking outside,  jump rope or a circuit inside.  Your circuit could look something like: jumping jacks, skipping in place, sit-ups and squats (make sure your knees stay over your ankles). These can be done while watching the news in the morning or your favorite sitcom in the evening. You can also check out this post, which has some options that aren’t relegated to the gym. Fitness is attainable for everyone, and little changes add up to big results over time.

Tomorrow my nephew has his first lacrosse game, so I’m pumped to watch him! Outside of that, just hanging, writing, gearing up for my travel next week and working out.  What do you have on tap?

Until tomorrow….