Day 30- Final Day


Tomorrow is May 1, meaning that today marks the last day in Genuine Joy’s third annual 30 for 30. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today is a gym workout before I get on a plane to fly across the country and have my running shoes packed for a run tomorrow before my meeting. You know what’s interesting/odd? Of all the hotels I searched, in the entire city, there were only a handful that had a gym available in their hotel.  I feel like they are in every hotel here on the East Coast, even if only an elliptical machine and a TV mounted to the wall.  However, I really enjoy running in a new city, because it’s a great way to explore while working out and any way to muti-task works well for me!

In the next few days, I’ll summarize what I learned, results and my experience.  Even as a seasoned athlete and lifelong fitness advocate, there are times when I experience an “ah ha” moment, and continue to learn, grow and evolve, which is a great thing in life.  We are always learning!

I want to hear from you.  I want to hear your experience.  What have you learned? Are you happy this month is over or have you picked up some tools along the way, which help you to continue on this path? Do you plan your workouts out on your calendar? Did you try something new (sadly, I did not during this year’s 30 for 30… but, that doesn’t mean I can’t next month!)

For those who didn’t join this year, no worries.  Tomorrow is a new day and you can begin your own challenge whenever you see fit (pun intended). Fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  So take the first step and start your own journey.

Until tomorrow…


The things we take for granted

Yesterday, and Doug and I were driving into Georgetown, I was watching all of the runners and cyclists enjoying the nice weather. And on the inside, I was a little bit envious.  Why?  Because I’ve had a procedure on my leg, as well as stitches (in the same leg, nonetheless) and haven’t been able to workout for three weeks.  The workouts from which I’m forbidden include, but are not limited to, walking, swimming, yoga, running, and biking – all of the things that I enjoy.

As I was watching the people workout, and silently seething on the inside, I was reminded of the things I take for granted on a daily basis.  Had I not been forbidden to workout, I wouldn’t have the feeling that I was missing out, because it was something that I would just do without contemplating or debating.  And had I not had the feeling that I was missing out, I wouldn’t have been reminded about all of the things that I take for granted.  Everything happens for a reason, right?

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Motivational Monday: No Fear

Fear is what holds most people back from achieving their maximum potential.  I often think “I’m happy where I am, so what is the purpose of doing something that scares me? The purpose, my friends, is so you can be an even BETTER version of you!
The acronym fear stand for: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is what happens when we assume the worst.  We conquer that fear when we try, because what idea we have in our minds about how the event will unfold is usually a whole lot worse than how it actually turns out in the end.
Do something that scares you.  Everyday.  Step just outside your comfort zone.  Maybe to you that means taking a yoga class or going to a new place to pick up lunch (Yes, sometimes it really is baby steps!) Try it. I promise you, you’ll feel better, gain confidence and enjoy the moment.

Squeeze Every Drop…

Have the courage to dream great dreams. You’re worthy of greatness. You’re capable of greatness. The priceless treasure that is your life positively obligates you to make something grand out of its moments, its days, its years.

When you focus on just getting by, that’s the most you’ll be able to do. Yet when you set your sights higher, when you dare to dream big dreams, when you make the effort to make a difference, those same moments you would have spent just getting by will bring you, and your world, so much more.

Once this day is over, you cannot go back and reclaim it. What a waste it would be if you failed to squeeze every last drop of living and joy and love and achievement from it. If your aim is to just get through the day, if your goal is to just get by, aim higher. You’re spending the moments, so make them really count. Start right now to live the greatness you were born to live.

— Ralph Marston

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Childhood Friends

There are different kinds of love.  And happiness.  There are different kinds of love and different kinds of happiness.  Would you agree? I love Doug differently than I’ve ever loved anyone.  But, I love my niece and nephew differently than I love Doug. And my sister and brother? There’s a whole other kind of love.  Each one is different, special and real in it’s own right.

And happiness… How different happiness can feel! At the end of the Ironman, I was happy.  I was also very tired and relived that I made it through without falling off the bike at least once during the 112 miles.  At the birth of my nephew, it was a body-filling warmth and overwhelming joy of happiness.  And then there’s the happiness that is seen by way of a smile when I see a Boston Terrier walking down the street.  Or an English Bulldog.  Well, let’s be honest, anything that has fur, walks on four legs and barks can elicit a smile.  But, then there’s the happiness of seeing someone who you haven’t seen in years, and for whom you have such fond memories you are taken back to those childhood years, those when you last saw them.

I attended a dinner event last night.  The keynote speaker was preparing to take the stage when a girl came up to me who looked familiar.  I knew she wasn’t from high school or college, but I couldn’t quite fit from where I knew her.  Then, she told me her maiden name and I was instantly smiling from ear-to-ear.  She had two sisters, with whom Whitney and I would play with often.  Her mom baked our birthday cakes… the kind that were molded into a certain character and then made distinctive with the different color icing.  I remember the Strawberry Shortcake and Kermit the Frog cakes well.  The memory made me smile.  I also remembered laughing in their play house, the five girls, and hemming and hauling over piercing our ears.  See, they had a hole punch that was smaller than the standard sized hole punch, which we thought was just the right size we needed to give ourselves a nice piercing in the ears.   Luckily “T”, who I saw last night and who was the oldest (and clearly the wisest of the group) talked us out of it.  I will always be eternally grateful for her wisdom on that day, many years ago!

The happiness I felt upon seeing her and briefly catching up, was genuine and real.  It’s moments such as last night’s and friends such as “T” that have stood the test of time, even when I haven’t seen her in 20 years, that make me smile from the inside out.  Another example of it being the little things in life that truly bring the greatest, and most authentic kinds, of happiness…

Dream a little dream…


Have you ever had a dream that you kept all to yourself? Be it a goal, an idea or a challenge that began in your head and made it’s way into your heart? It’s all yours.  You’ve kept it quiet, for fear of ridicule, nay-sayers, or those who think that it can’t be done.

Once it bounces around in your head for a bit, it sets in.  At first, it sounds crazy, even to you.  You’re not sure that it’s possible, although you really like the “idea” of the challenge.  Then, once it’s been implanted for  awhile, you begin, without knowing it, to make plans.  You strategize on how you can turn this dream into a reality.

The “idea” then settles in your heart. The roller coaster ride begins.  Excitement, elation, and joy… you are happy and ready for this new challenge! This is great! Then BOOM, every positive emotion is quickly replaced by fear, uncertainty and doubt. Maybe I don’t really want to do this. It sounded great, but the doubt that is now replacing the excitement is telling you, screaming for you to stop.  So, what do you do?

You do something about it… turn your can’t into cans, and your dreams into plans.

Most people who are successful have stood in your shoes, be it in business, fitness or fun.  Find someone you look up to and ask them what they did, to get where they are now.

Is it a business goal? Find someone who has what you want and ask them how they got there.  Through all of my travels and meeting highly successful people, I’ve noticed that those who are successful in business are always working, be it in their office or at a black tie event.  They attend for an hour or so, are never drinking heavily and are building relationships.

Is it fitness? Do the same.  Ask them their routine, what they eat for breakfast and how much sleep they get each night.

Fashion? Find someone who is your size and has a style you like. If you know them, ask them to come shopping with you.  If you don’t know them, take notice of the different silhouettes, the colors they wear and where the patterns are placed on their clothes.

Do it. Today. Squeeze every drop out of today, because you don’t know what tomorrow is going to look like, and yesterday has come and gone.  You have the power, you just need a plan.