Friday Food Flash


I had 5 minutes with Steuart Martens recently to discuss the upcoming BITE OF DC on May 18th. The conversation went by in a flash and true to form, Steuart’s phone was beeping and buzzing the entire time. There’s never a dull moment (or an off moment for that matter) with Steuart. As a native Washingtonian, Martens is known to many as being a competitor on “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump, but to limit the 30-year old to merely being a reality television star is like calling an Oreo a chocolate cookie–it’s barely scratching the surface. In the five minutes and three questions I had with Steuart, here’s a glimpse of what I mean…

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Taste of DC with Steuart Martens

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with former reality TV star and rising entrepreneurial star, Steuart Martens to talk about his latest commercial endeavor, the revamped and soon to be relaunched, Taste of DC.  Many of you in the DC area might remember ToDC from years past, but also wonder what’s happened to it in recent years. The short answer is that after being a long-standing starred event on the DC social calendar, the event fell under hard times and crumbling financial/sponsor support. With his keen eye for a good deal and coupled with his business acumen, Martens purchased the rights to the event and over the last several months, has worked tirelessly to redesign, rebrand and relaunch this once popular DC event.

Below is an excerpt from a fun and informal Q&A I had with Steuart, leading up to this three-day event, being held this Columbus Day weekend in Downtown DC.

“Ok, Steuart I’ve had an opportunity to read a lot of the media coverage you’ve gotten over these last few days leading up to ToDC and I’m sure you must be happy with the coverage that this event has received. In light of all the other interviews that we’ve done, I thought we’d change the format for this one and do a “lightning round” of sorts. In other words, I’ll give you a question and you give me a one word response.  It will be a literal, 20 questions. Ready?”

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