ICYMI: May 13


In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) are stories, posts and interesting tips and tricks.  I love a good recap and here is Genuine Joy’s version of link love.

Power Foods: Foods can heal or harm and this article tells us about Power Foods, that help to heal the body.  Dr. Neal Barnard, of the Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine (PCRM), shares the benefits of certain foods and how they can help to decrease our risk of Alzheimer’s.

Power Plate

Hybrid Yoga: There is a new form of yoga gaining traction across the United States called DDP.  The acronym stands for Diamond Dallas Page, the name of the professional wrestler who created the activity that he defines as “traditional yoga postures with rehab stuff and old-school calisthenics.” Push ups are in, while the meditation aspect of yoga is out.  If you find traditional yoga “too slow” or aren’t interested in “Om’ing” with your neighbors, this might be more up your alley.

TV Line-Ups are changing: NBC is canceling a large number of shows from their line-up for the Fall, but Fox is adding a significant amount, including a show that brings M. Night Shyamalan to the small screen.

The Secret Behind the Rachel: Yikes! THIS was the reason behind Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut, “the Rachel” shares hair stylist to the stars Chris McMillan

The Rachel

The Newest In Nails: Chalkboard! Yep.  You can paint your nails with chalkboard paint and draw on them with chalk. Read more about the trend here and pick up the nail polish set at Sephora.

Chalkboard nails

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