Day 18 – Movin’ Along

Good morning! How’s everyone today? Can you believe that we’re over half-way through April?


While I have missed a few days on here, the 30 for 30 marches on and I haven’t missed a workout this month… and I feel great!

Sunday was a Level 2 yoga class, where I tried new poses and was successful.  During class, I felt accomplished as I achieved physical feats and realized that I feel most successful by my physical accomplishments, but define myself by the person I am on the inside — a good friend, kind and thoughtful.  It was an odd moment, but that’s what happens sometimes during class – I have these “ah-ha” moments, where I uncover more about myself.  Does that ever happen to you?

Monday and Wednesday were both runs and Tuesday was yoga.  Today, I’m doing HIIT at the gym.  It’s gloomy and the air is full of pollen in Washington, DC today.  Every year, around this time, the blooms on the trees come out and creates a yellow film on the cars and in the air, but the positive side of this is that SPRING is here!

It’s been a big week of birthdays, starting off with my college roommate and dearest friend, Kathy.  Then, my sisters, our adopted sister (not really, but she feels like family) Laisee, followed by our Mom’s birthday yesterday.  Lastly this week is my cousin Sara. Phew, what a week, huh? Restaurants and birthday cake galore, albeit all delicious.

Yesterday was the first day that I felt different.  Although the number on the scale didn’t move, I felt lighter, which ultimately gives me the motivation to keep moving forward.  Often I let the number on the scale determine my mood, rather than how I feel.  Muscle weighs more than fat, and when clothes start fitting a little less snug, that’s the best gauge for a healthier me! (That darn scale!)


Until tomorrow….


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