Days 10-11: 2 Pounds Down

My body feels broken.  My legs are sore and burn just walking up the stairs.  But, on the flip side, I feel great, which sounds like a HUGE contradiction.  It’s the push-pull; my body is tired, but my energy is incredible.

Health Relationship

Tuesday was a run, where my legs felt heavy.  I pushed through and completed the run, but felt slow and I swear there were moments when I was trotting no faster than a snail.  But I kept going. Some days just feel slow and worthless.  But I believe that there’s no such thing as a “bad workout.”  There is a such thing as a tough workout, a hard workout and a slow workout.  But not a bad workout.  Everyday I do something for myself, by way of exercise, is a GOOD day.

Yesterday was a heated Vinyasa class.  This teacher pushes the class to it’s edge and I’ve been seeing results.  The past few classes, I’ve been able to include “Bird of Paradise” into my practice (image below).  Yesterday I noticed that the yoga mat is the place where I don’t seek validation or approval from others.  It’s only me.  No one else in the class knows my practice or how far I can take a pose.  The teacher doesn’t walk around and tell each student “good job.” Only I know if I’m pushing my body, giving positive feedback or judging myself in that moment.  And of late, I’ve learned to be loving and gentle with myself.  That’s a huge change from that critical voice in my head, in years past, that has said “you’re not doing it right, go further, push harder, you’re not good enough.”

Bird of paradise

Today is cardio.  I need to get some heart pumping exercise in before heading to Baltimore for a function tonight.  With the heat in the Mid-Atlantic region, I’m pounding water, which will also help to flush the lactic acid (which causes soreness in the muscles) out of my body and recover more quickly.  Cherry juice may also be in my near future, which helps with inflammation (I add a little bit to my water — it’s WAY too sweet/tart for me on it’s own.)

On a positive note, I’ve seen a shift on the scale — 2 pounds in 11 days.  I’ll take it! Being 100% transparent, I’ve also been eating much better and cutting back on sugar, eating more vegetables and cutting back (not eliminating) refined carbohydrates, such as breads and pasta.  When I have a carb craving, I’ll have a piece of toast with almond butter at breakfast, quinoa at lunch (which has more protein than any other grain) or Greek yogurt at night (the protein helps with the craving).

Keep going! You’re one-third of the way there.  If you’re tired now, push through… It will get better and easier.  Until tomorrow…

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