Not a Runner? No Problem. 4 Cardio Workouts for You!

As we continue on the 30 for 30 path, many may find themselves at a crossroad, wondering “What workout should I do next?” Cardio fitness is important and considered any type of workout that increases the work of your heart and lungs for at least 10 minutes in length, where you’re able to exercise but also able to talk.  Cardiovascular exercise is important because it helps you torch calories, burn off body fat, increase lung capacity and makes your heart muscles strong! Many automatically think “running or jogging,” but if this isn’t a viable option, have no fear! Below are five workouts without a nary a run or jog in sight!

Jump Rope

jump rope Not a Runner? Not a Problem! 5 Best Everyday Cardio ExercisesJumping rope reminds me of elementary school, but it isn’t just for kids!  You can burn approximately 300 calories in 30 minutes of jumping rope. You can start off by doing this at home, even during TV commercials in the evening and increase your stamina over time.  No jump rope or limited on space? No worries.  Jump rope in place and mimic the motions with an imaginary jump rope.  (Jumping rope also helps to tone your arms… they will begin to burn after a few minutes!) Jumping on the balls of your feet will help lessen the impact on your knees and hips.

Say No to Elevators, the Phone, and Email

iStock 000013341672XSmall Not a Runner? Not a Problem! 5 Best Everyday Cardio ExercisesThis is super easy. Instead of grabbing the phone at work, walk to your colleague’s desk instead. Think about it, just five minutes of brisk stair climbing can burn about 70 calories. Not to mention, it’ll help build a nice tush too!

Play with the Kids

hopscotch Not a Runner? Not a Problem! 5 Best Everyday Cardio ExercisesJoin in on the fun. Get out there and play along with them. Get on the swing, chase the leaves—let that excited pig-tailed little girl in you come out and have some fun.

Get Excited About Chores

Most don’t consider grocery shopping, washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming “fun,” but did you know that in just 30 minutes of grocery shopping, you can burn 75 calories? Put on your iPod and there’s no telling how many calories you’ll burn the next time you sweep or vacuum.

Now, get out there and sweat!

Until tomorrow…

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