Days 6, 7 & 8: Today’s the Day to Be Great!

Be Great!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

It was gorgeous in the Nation’s Capital — sunny, cloudless sky, a slight breeze and around 60 degrees all weekend. Spring has officially sprung.  The Cherry Blossoms haven’t bloomed, but there plenty of people who came to enjoy the city as well as run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.

The weekend was a good mix of activity and relaxing.  I’m looking forward to an exciting trip this week, so I spent some time getting prepared and sketched out what I was going to pack. Saturday morning, my niece and nephew had their first practice of the year — nephew played lacrosse and niece did t-ball.  They were adorable! Later Saturday afternoon, I headed to the studio to take a 75-minute heated vinyasa class.  And it was tough.  I was drenched and my legs were shaking.  (I had also taken a class on Friday, which was equally as challenging). I’ve found this great space inside of myself when I practice yoga.  I feel strong, accomplished and happy at the end.  The sweat helps to remove the toxins from my body and my elevated heart rate helps with cardiovascular health and calorie burn.

Sunday was HIIT at the gym.  A warm-up, followed by weights, jump rope, box jumps, jumping jacks and a few other various strength moves, completed in a circuit with minimal rest.  My heart was pumping! After the circuit, I got on the elliptical to complete my workout.

Today is another beautiful weather day, which means a run.  I’ll add a few more minutes on today’s workout (I’m running for time, not distance) and enjoy the lovely weather.  I’ve contemplated adding some yoga to the day, but I will probably do a home practice that is more restorative (restful) than the ones I’ve been taking at the studio.

What is your workout for the day? Don’t forget to join the Community Forum on to chat with other 30 for 30 participants or “Like” on Facebook to leave a comment on your journey.

Until tomorrow…


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