Day 3: 2013 30 for 30

I had one of the best night sleeps of my life last night! Maybe it was the Japanese food and great company at dinner last night, or the fact that I dreamed that George Clooney was my yoga instructor (odd, right?) but I woke up feeling great and ready to tackle the day.


Yesterday’s yoga class was amazing.  I love that yoga is a lifelong journey and not something that you can master and you can make each class specific to your needs.  Some days, I want to stretch and focus on being in the moment, while others I want to push myself and go to the edge.  Yesterday I took it to the edge, and took a pose further than I had before (doing the Wheel pose below on  my fingertips).  I left the studio feeling accomplished and joyful.  And this morning, woke up with sore abs and legs that ached.  Come to think about it, that could be another reason why I crashed so hard last night!


Today is HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Starting with a cardio warm-up and then moving into a series of compound exercises (such as lunges with bicep curls), jumping rope, light weights and abs, the whole workout takes one hour to complete.  The benefit? When I do a series of high intensity exercises, I accelerate my heart rate during the 12-15 minute circuit.  After it’s complete, I finish my workout on the elliptical or stepper, and my body continues to burn calories at a higher rate and torch fat (thank you high intensity exercises) while doing lower intensity exercises.

I also wanted to share this article with you, which I found helpful and interesting since many on the list, like dried fruit and agave, I enjoy.  Click here to read the article from Details Magazine titled “10 Health Foods That May Be Making you Fat.”

Until tomorrow…

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