Turn those Dreams into Action: Day 2 30 for 30

Turn dreams into Action

It was gorgeous here in Washington, DC yesterday — a high of 63 meant a run in knickers and a short sleeved T-shirt.  Lovely. Days like yesterday are perfect for a run, as there was a breeze, the sun was shining and there was a great energy in the air that happens when Spring rolls around.

The course consisted of rolling hills, along a trail, with my goal being to run the entire way.  During the winter, I do mostly gym workouts, as I am a wimp in the cold weather.  My sister amazes me because she will run in rain, sleet and snow and I applaud those of you in the Northeast, because I freeze when the temperature drops to 35! The few nice days that pop up throughout the winter (read 40+ degrees) I enjoy getting outside, but for the most part, it’s only been recently that I’ve reintroduced my body to running outside.

I felt great yesterday after the run and as I was making lunch, I remembered the peanut butter eggs that were given in an Easter basket.  I ate two. And then felt guilty.  I promptly took the rest of the candy and gave it to a women in our building.  I can’t have the temptation laying around.  I struggle with moderation at times, so during these 30 days, I want to also try to eat cleaner foods, which for me, means fruit as dessert and cutting back on the refined sugars.  Anyone else struggle with that? The peanut butter and chocolate gets me every time!

This morning it’s a 75-minute hot vinyasa flow class. Other than feeling great when I leave class, another benefit I enjoy from yoga is that once I’m finished, I want to refuel with healthy foods.  Yoga helps me to recognize what’s going on in my body, and I’m less likely to crave sugar and more likely to crave water and fresh veggies.

How was your first day? I received wonderful tweets and emails from people who are joining along — keep it up! We’re in this together!

Until tomorrow…

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