The Last Show at Lincon Center

For the last event at Lincoln Center, Rachel Zoe did a second showing of her Spring/Summer Collection 2013 exclusive for American Express Cardholders.  Starting on time, a rarity during the crazed excitement of Fashion Week, the stylist, author and designer took a seat on the runway with Prabal Gurung for a Q&A before the show kicked off.

Q: For whom is this collection made?

A: Rachel stepped outside of her comfort zone to design for the person she wants to be:  one who is cool, effortless and embraces who she is with confidence. The wearer loves fashion, but isn’t a (fashion) victim.  She wants people to buy a leather jacket from the collection that will last 20 years, not just one season.

Q: How did you get into styling?

A: Rachel tells a story about her very first client, an 8-year old boy who was her neighbor when she was a child.  Everyday, the boy wore soccer clothes to school. One afternoon, while the boy was out of the house, she snuck up to his room and created his wardrobe for the week, laying out his clothes, shoes and belts for Monday through Friday.

Q: How did you get into design?

A: After collaborating with other designers, Rachel decided to go out on her own and try her hand at creating her own line. While most designers bring in a stylist to put the runway looks together, Rachel fills both roles; designing the clothes and putting together the looks before the models saunter down the runway.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Laughing, she jokes that she wishes she was one who could look at a bumblebee in Morocco and from that one moment, create an entire collection, but that’s not how she percolates her creative juices.  Her inspiration comes from the likes of Jane Birkin and Bridget Bardot.  Once a piece is created, it sees many rounds of changes, updates and edits before the final sign-off, rendering it complete.

Q: On what are you currently working?

A: Rachel is shooting the 5th Season of her Bravo show called “The Rachel Zoe Project” and working on her second book due out next year.

Q: Where can women purchase your collection?

A. The collection is available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and several boutiques around the country.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five-years?

A: In five years, Rachel sees herself with a sibling for Skyler (her 18-month old son with husband Rodger Berman), a little beach and a lot of family time.  She adds that she never mapped any of this out, calling it “one big happy accident.”

The two designers moved their chairs off the runway and took their seats, with Deb Curtis, VP of entertainment marketing and sponsorships at American Express.  The show opened with Breathe by Delilah featuring Liam Bailey and the models began their walk in beautiful, flowing, detailed pieces, evoking a beachy, carefree feel.   The show gave the American Express Card Members a look at 6 pieces, which weren’t in the initial runway show, truly giving them “behind the scenes access.”  Walking out of the tents, once could witness the workers breaking down the runways, check-in desks and exhibits, signaling that all good things must truly come to an end.

Until February…


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