Fashions Night Out 2012

Tonight, cities everywhere will host Fashion’s Night Out, the brainchild of Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine.  In 2009, when the retail market was suffering and quiet whispers were saying that Vogue had “lost its touch” Ms. Wintour instated the first Fashion’s Night Out in New York City.

Nuit des Musees (Night of the Museums) occurred every May, when for one night participating museums in Paris stay open until 11pm, well past their everyday exhibit hours.  During the extended hours,  individuals can take in and explore the art culture at night. Seeing that it was such a hit in Paris, Ms. Wintour brought the concept to the States and created Fashion’s Night Out, in an effort to revive the shopping and retail industry in the Big Apple.

The first year, 200 tickets were sold for the evening.  In 2010, 1500 shoppers were sold tickets to the event, which took place in Lincoln Center with proceeds going to the New York City AIDS Fund.

Celebrating it’s fourth year, Fashions Night Out is a global initiative, with 18 countries participating this year, and sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA. The 4,500 events scheduled here in the States support local restaurants and businesses by bringing in traffic well into the night. In New York, stores stay open until 11pm, with celebrity appearances, beauty treatments, champagne and snacks.  Braid bars, tarot card reading and chocolate samples are everywhere from Barney’s to Bendels, and the night brings out editors, musicians and fashion lovers alike. It’s truly a unique experience, from whichever city you experience the night.

To share your instagram photos, mark them with the hashtag #FNO for the chance to have them shown on FNO Live, which kicks off at 5pm EST tonight. For more information visit the official Fashion’s Night Out website at:

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