Fall Beauty Favorites

This week is an exciting time as I head to New York City for Fashion Week! Every September, fashion designers show their collections on runways for an entire week.  The always crowded and packed New York City, has magazine editors, journalists and celebrities alike descend upon their vibrant city to see the latest collections of highly coveted designers.

With the changing of the season and the new fashions rolled out, the beauty companies also showcase their new products in colors and shades to match the season.  As a newcomer to the beauty industry and the elixirs, this is the first year I’ve discovered this concept.  I’m a creature of habit, and when I wear make-up it’s always the same: tinted moisturizer, a swipe of blush, eyelash curler and 50% of the time, liquid eyeliner along the top lid.  I didn’t wear lipstick (or gloss) until my dear friend Kate took me into Sephora last year to buy an “everyday gloss.”  It’s a process, but what a difference a year makes!

I felt like an excited child as I walked into the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event at Mazza Gallery. I missed the memo on BB Cream last year, but was on board with the new products showcased for Fall 2012.

Opulence by the Ounce:

Once home, it’s always fun to comb through the samples.  Fragrances, creams and make-up, oh my! Luxurious and lovely, but some of them are expensive. I used these products (and fell in love) before discovering their cost.  They say beauty comes at a price…

Sisley-Paris: Eye Contour Mask — I woke up tired, but had a photo shoot that afternoon.  I was saving the sample of this product for an occasion along these lines.  The directions said to spread a thick layer under the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes, before wiping off the excess.  At the end of ten minutes, most of the product had absorbed into my skin and my eyes looked noticeably less tired and better than they had just 10 minutes beforehand.  I might not have noticed but I was scrutinizing the tired undereye bags, and they had all but disappeared.  At $140 for 1.16 oz, it’s an investment, but worth it if you are in front of the camera or have to look fresh for an important meeting.

Sisley also has an incredible product for the woman on the go! Called the “All-In-One Make-Up Remover Water“, the product is just what it sounds like: an all in one product that removes all make-up (including mascara), cleanses and tones the skin. Eau Efficance  (300ml) is available September 2012 for $120

La Mer: Named the “Hall of Fame” Moisturizer by Elle Magazine, La Mer was created through trial and error over 40 years ago when an aerospace physicist had an accident, resulting in a large portion of his face being burned.  Women swear by the product and I fly with the sample sizes inside my purse (for undereye moisture in flight!).  The new product, The Moisturizing Soft Creme, is a lighter weight product than the original Moisturizing Creme.  For a 1-ounce jar, a consumer will pay $150 and $275 for a 2-ounce portion.

Amore Pacific: A thick creme, Time Response Skin Renewal Creme, Amore Pacific’s new time release product provides optimal penetration of its powerful ingredients.  Make from indigenous Asian botanicals, the product promises to: 1) Stimulate Collagen Production – Improve skin density; reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sagging; 2) Control Melanin Production—Improve skin clarity and promote an even complexion and 3) Improve Hydration Levels—Increase skin radiance, smoothness and firmness.  A 1.7 ounce jar will cost you $450.

Fanciful Fragrance: 


Jo Malone: Blackberry & Bay.  I love that you can layer these fragrances to create something unique! This season, the Blackberry and Bay scent will conjure up “childhood memories of blackberry picking… stained lips sticky palms. A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods.” The scent is intriguing and fresh and one that I went back to over and over for a long inhale.  1 ounce, $60; 3.4 ounces $110

Chanel: Coco Noir. Mademoiselle is described as “warm/rich; semi-oriental.” Noir, the newest fragrance from Coco Chanel, is a luminous Oriental with grapefruit top notes, floral scent of Rose and Jasmine, with Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood notes adding warmth. 1.7 ounces, $98

Tom Ford: Mr. Ford creates scents, not cologne or parfum, but in October is launching his second masculine scent with an oriental twist – the notes of black pepper, nutmeg, bergamot, patchouli and vetiver oil smelled great on the women’s skin as well, when we tried it during the Beauty Event. Four other scents, in the Jardin Noir collection, created for both men and women named: Cafe Rose, Ombre De Hyacinth, Lys Fume, and Jonquille De Nuit.  With their purple labels, they look different from their counterpart scents with elaborate Oriental notes. 50mL $205; 250mL $495








Make-up Mavens


Bobbi Brown: For a novice, the Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Shadow Palette is genius! The colors blend well together and the shades are the perfect hues for the late summer/early fall.  A brush — one side for a broad stroke and the other for a thin, finer line — is included with the purchase.  $60

Chantecaille: The French brand is launching a Safari Collection this Fall.  I’m most looking forward to their High Definition Perfecting Powder (available for pre-order) and Future Skin Foundation (available now for $72), an oil-free gel that benefits the skin with green tea extract, rather than simply providing coverage.  One layer provides coverage similar to a tinted moisturizer; for greater coverage one can apply a second or third coat.  The Limited Edition Safari Collection L’Elephant Palette was inspired by the colors on the Kenyan grasslands, to where a portion of the proceeds from this piece is reinvested — Five percent of proceeds will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization that rescues, fosters and release baby elephants orphaned by ivory poaching.  (The company also provides information on their website about how to foster and protect a baby elephant for $50/year).

Guerlain: One of the women in the group with which I was standing said “And I was putting on my mascara on the metro on the way here!” and as if on cue, the Guerlain women pulled out a product that would be worked out beautifully on the metro, in an office or in an elevator: the Mascara Noir G de Guerlain.  The product is the first refillable mascara with a built-in mirror.  The initial purchase is $61, which includes the mascara and the mirror.  The refill is $21.

The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event runs through tomorrow, September 6 where you will receive a tote with your purchase of $100 or more.  The sales people are extremely helpful and most items (other than the make-up palettes) come in a complementary sample size that you can take home and try out before you purchase.

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