Working with a Legend

The luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, has famously said “we only work with Legends,” and the newest addition to their roster is in a true Legend League of his own.  Joining the likes of Keith Richards, Bono and his wife Ali, Sean Connery and Mohammad Ali, Michael Phelps has launched a Core Values Campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz.  Launched in 2007, the campaign puts the spotlight on exceptional people “of truly global stature ranging in professions and backgrounds” who beyond their celebrity status, “are individuals who are widely recognized to have lived full and interesting lives” says the brand. Seated next to Larissa Latynina, the former Soviet gymnast whom, before Michael, was the most decorated Olympian of all time.

“This is the kind of extraordinary encounter that could only happen at the instigation of Louis Vuitton: a meeting of two generations, two nationalities, two cultures, but – first and foremost – a meeting of minds” says the brand.

In an age where swimmers were formerly signed for sponsorship deals with the likes of Speedo and Ultra Swim (a chlorine removing shampoo), the collision of luxury and sport is impressive and credited to Michael for opening that door for others.  The athletes, and agents, who went into the Games with a plan, stand to benefit greatly when compared to those who are just now making the contacts and deals.  “If a brand signed up its ambassadors early and are busy releasing campaign images now they will reap the rewards,” says Carrie Tyler, editor of “Even those with no previous interest in sport are captivated by these Olympians.”

Congratulations Michael on a very successful carrier and a beautiful legendary campaign!

To see more on the Core Values Campaign and hear about the Michael Phelps Foundation, see the video below:

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