The Return of the Pant

Sundresses in the Spring and Summer are fun, flowing and beautiful.  But as Fall and Winter rolls around, I’m less likely to reach for a dress and more apt to opt for pants.  While catching up on some reading, I came across an article in the August 2012 Harper’s Bazaar that laid out some guidelines when selecting a pant. While throwing a fashion rule out the window, many (myself included) feel that white after Labor Day is acceptable, but there are a few fashion rules that must be followed.  Listed below are the Harper’s Bazaar top ten non-negotiable pant rules:

1) Don’t expect to find the perfect fit. That’s what in-store alteration services are for. However, while seams can be taken in or let out and hems raised, if the pants don’t fit properly around your bottom, quit while you’re ahead.

2) Avoid elastic waistbands and drawstring pants no matter how much you like the color or print. They create gathers around your buttocks.

3) White pants and prints can be worn by non-skinny women as long as they’re not tight.

4) A flare can be very flattering on taller women, balancing out a full thigh.

5) Shorter women should avoid flares and opt instead for a small kick flare at the hem.

6) Stretch is never a bad idea.

7) Shine makes legs look bigger.

8) Use blazers and tunics to conceal hips or thighs if necessary.

9) Length is personal, but the longer you go, the more you’ll need to consider your heels. Either make sure you always wear the same height heel or buy identical pairs of pants in two lengths. Alternatively, listen to Simon Kneen, the creative director at Banana Republic; he and his team have spent months working out the easiest length for most women. “Just above the ankle—you can wear it with any heel,” he explains. “And the ankle is so sexy.”

10) Don’t be deterred by the rules. Once you’ve found the perfect cut, buy, repeat. You’ve done the hard part.

I’m more ready for Fall (as far as pants are concerned) than ever.  My newest acquisitions include: leather, purple J. Crew (perfect for Ravens’ games), and a printed pair of cropped “fancy pants” from this summer that will go nicely with a sweater and booties.  Next up… shoes!

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