Hilary’s PM P.S. for Wednesday

Check out what I’m reading today:

  • Budget Travel: These public pools make a “stay-cation” feel like a luxurious vacation.  The catch? Only two are found in the United States.  Find out if they’re near you!
  • ESPN: Think he has a bright future? Real Madrid Football signs a seven-year old boy to their roster
  • Grist: Our food doesn’t have as many nutrients as it did in the 50’s.  Find out why our food supply is decreasing in nutrition.
  • The Atlantic: The Paleo Diet cuts out processed foods and gets down to brass tacks.  Eating only food from the land, is this diet a fad or does it have staying power?
  • Vogue: Vogue does a great series showing Five looks, in Five Days, with one girl.  This week it’s Jessica Sailer, the magazine’s Fashion Market Editor.  See what she wears and how she wears it.  It’s a great visual tool that I use for my own outfit ideas.


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