Recipe: Donut muffins

My original plan was to make these muffins one morning for Doug after he returned from a long bike ride, but, the opportunity presented itself to make them sooner and I jumped on it!  My sister, Whitney, ran a 10k in Baltimore on Saturday morning.  My niece and nephew slept over on Friday night, and the plan was to meet up with Whitney post race.  That way, she would have the morning to prepare for the race, and I, as the aunt, would have the donut muffins wrapped up and packed in our bag to enjoy while waiting for Whitney to come across the finish line.


The recipe, found here, called for a 24 count mini-muffin tin, which I did not have.  Instead, I used a standard 12-count unlined muffin tin and they turned out great!

Saturday morning, we found a tree, spread out and ate some donut muffins!  They were delicious and easy to pack. And, as you can see, the donut muffins won out over the store bought muffin holes.   If you’re going to enjoy donuts, why not have them homemade, sans preservatives and made with love? I hope you and your family find enjoy them as much as we did!




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