Last two workouts…

After tomorrow, it’s back to incorporating more food, fashion and femininity posts here on Genuine Joy.  It’s been quite the month for fitness, and I can feel it.  Today, I woke up sore from the lunges and leg work that I cranked out yesterday, but have to say that it feels good.

Sidebar: At the moment, I am captivated by the Royal Wedding… what a historic moment in our lives and a life-changing moment in theirs. Kate looking incredible in her dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, where dress workers washed their hands every 30 minutes to keep the lace pristine and refreshed their needles every three hours to keep them fresh.  Her flats were handmade, also by Sarah Burton.  What a day for the English designer! I’m honored to watch this ceremony and love the pomp and circumstance, that the British do so well.  I am seriously inspired by all of the hats… might have to write more about hat later! They are incredible!

Photo from

Ok, back to fitness. I’m headed to the pool shortly for a swim workout, which I haven’t done t since Ironman training. It’ll feel great to get in the water and swim a few miles.  My shoulder has been really tight (it’s where I carry tension), and I’m hoping the swimming will loosen it up a bit. Come on Freestyle, don’t let me down!

Enjoy your Friday… Be a princess! Until tomorrow…

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