5 Days to go…

Yesterday was my first full and complete day off during the 30 day challenge.  Most of my “off” days came by way of an active recovery, either a long walk or a self-guided yoga practice.  Waking up at 6:15 and being non-stop until 10 pm last night, made it hard to get in a workout.  And the interesting thing, is that I found myself trying to figure out when I could get a quick one in.  It didn’t happen, but at least my head was in the right place, right?

The 90-minutes of cardio felt great on Saturday.  Some days, it’s great to just put on my headphones and move.  With the pollen count still really high in the DC area, the gym is the way to go!

Today, I’m headed back to the gym for some strength work and cardio.  I have to say, I’m in the mindset to move and at 25 days, I do feel better, less tired and more taught.  Seeing results, keeps me coming back!

Next stop, toning the arms! Be great… Until tomorrow…

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