Bags, Bags, Everywhere

I came across this image on a website Full House and thought it was genus! Why?  Because when I was younger, I would save every “pretty” shopping bag (at that age, mostly from the Limited and Benetton) and decorative box that I could get my hands on. Eventually, after years of collecting and not doing anything with them, I reused them and threw the ones that were completely deteriorated away.  When I came across this, I couldn’t help but smile as I was taken back to the dates of bag collecting… I find this idea charming, organized and pretty!

2 thoughts on “Bags, Bags, Everywhere

  1. I can not resist a pretty bag. I really love tote bags and keep buying them. The problem is that I do not tote the bags anywhere. They just pile up in my closets. Now if I could just get in the habit of using them I would have fewer plastic bags to recycle.

    If I had more wall space I might try to frame some bags and cover my walls. Each bag is a work of art.

    Now let’s not get started on gift bags. Many of them are a work of art also. Think of the artist who slaved away to create them and their work gets thrown out.

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