Motivational Monday: Another’s shoes

“Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes…”

Often, I find myself thinking “I would NEVER do THAT” or “What were they thinking?” Irony has it, that I find myself doing a similar action or in a similar situation a year or so later. The lesson learned? I worry about myself, my actions and my responsibilities. If I do the next right thing, the choice that is best for me, then I can move forward with a clean conscious.

I don’t know what is in someone’s past that has brought them to this moment or what has caused them to make the decisions that they have, so who I am to say that my choices are better than theirs? I can only worry about making the decisions that are right for me and continue to smile at those whose choices I don’t understand…

Have a great Monday, smile at someone you don’t quite “get” and see what happens…

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