Stocking stuffers

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there… 

The Night Before Christmas

Each of the three Phelps children had a stocking that we hung on the mantle each year, with hopes that Santa Claus would fill the stocking with goodies, because we had, of course, been well behaved children every year! We followed the tradition, because it was all we knew, but where did the tradition of hanging stockings originate?

The first of two traditions says that it began in the 16th century with the children in Holland, who would leave their wooden shoes out on the hearth of the fireplace.  The shoes were stuffed with hay for the reindeer and a treat was left out for Santa.  In exchange, the jolly man would leave treats for the children in place of the hay.

Another tradition reads that there was an older gentleman who was down on his luck, had lost his wife and money, and had three unmarried daughters.  St. Nicholas overheard the four of them crying one night over their lack of food and inability to produce dowries for the each of the daughters, who were at a marrying age.  Knowing the nobleman would not accept charity, St. Nicholas had to think of a way to provide for them without making an obvious donation.  Later that night, when St. Nicholas was doing his rounds, he noticed that each of the daughters had washed their stockings and hung them by the fire to dry.  The next morning, when the family awoke, they found a purse of gold in each of the girl’s stockings, enough for three dowries.

I want to share with you some stocking stuffers that I would like, as well as a few that I’m going to get for others on my Christmas shopping list.  It’s always the little gifts that are the surprises and the ones that seem so genuine and well thought out…

Stocking Stuffers for the women in your life…

Some stocking stuffers for you or for the men in your life…

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